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Learn WP  is designed to be a resource for all levels of WordPress users. From beginners just starting out with WordPress to the more advanced user, the goal is to help all level of user discover new tools, tips, tricks and hacks

We will deliver simple step by step guides on setting up fundamental parts of a WordPress website and configuring the popular plugins. Our WooCommerce guides will be designed to empower store owners and give them the freedom to grow and flourish.

More than just guides

It’s not just how to guides that we will provide you. We will also provide listicles of the best themes for different industries and tips on the best plugins for different requirements, offering you valuable insights on what is currently available in the WordPress world.

Go beyond just WordPress

WooCommerce is one of the leading shopping carts in the world, and because of that, we will put an added emphasis on managing WooCommerce for your store. Our guides won’t stray into code snippets, we have a more advanced website for that. They will be designed to help beginners adjust and feel comfortable working with a powerful self-managed platform


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