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In this article we’re going to discus the best email newsletter plugins for WordPress that will save you money.

As we all know, one of the great lures of WordPress is the money savings that it can represent over other platforms. Apart from the wonderful ease of use it offers, being highly customisable and a truly powerful platform, cost benefits are a major attraction. Afterall, WordPress itself as well as the vast majority of themes and plugins are free.

Now, as all marketers know, marketing costs money. There’s no way around it. Even if it’s free, it costs time, and every minute you spend working on something is a minute in lost earnings. The costs of marketing also increase as your audience grows, often leading to critical decisions around costs saving measures. While many newsletter services offer free plans up to a certain number of subscribers, popular websites or WooCommerce stores can quickly exceed these free tiers, adding a huge financial burden to a businesses bottom line. But thankfully there are ways to do it cheaper, putting you in a position to get ahead of your competition. So we have put together our best email newsletter plugins for WordPress that will save you money.

Best email newsletter plugins for WordPress that will save you money

Newsletter (Free and premium from $65/y)

The Newsletter plugin is one of the best known and widely used of the native newsletter plugins for WordPress. While not as cheap as many others on the list, it is feature-packed and offers one of the most customisable plugins in this field. It’s so popular that the free version currently has over 300,000 active installs

Beginning with the free option you’ll be able to do a lot, all without subscriber or sending limits. Here are just a few of its features.

  1. Time-saving and easy to use feature-rich drag-and-drop responsive email composer — which you can use to craft beautiful mobile-ready newsletters.
  2. Double opt-in subscriptions — allows you to get in front of truly interested subscribers while also making sure you abide by EU anti-spam laws.
  3. Email tracking with advanced statistics — so you know who’s opening your emails and how successful each campaign is.
  4. Easy segmentation to target your campaigns — allows you to target specific users with specific lists which will increase engagement and conversions
  5. SMTP support — helps get your emails into your visitors’ inboxes.

The true beauty of the Newsletter plugin is the ability to self host your newsletter lists and start for free. However, should you require any of the extensions, such as WooCommerce support, the small yearly fee will assist you in your marketing efforts.


  • Free at
  • $46/year for a 3 site licence
  • $174/year for an unlimited site licence

Visit the Newsletter Plugin website

Mailster (Premium $59)

Mailster is perhaps the most powerful, complete and cost effective newsletter plugins available for WordPress. Being feature rich with a range of extensions and add-on templates, this plugin can save you a lot of money when used right.

Much like the others in this list, Mailster builds a fully fledged and functioning email newsletter service right in your own WordPress website. What sets it apart is the power and cost.

With Mailster you can create automatic campaigns or manual mailouts, segment audience lists, double opt-in, track individual campaign performance and create up to 6 auto-responders.

Integrating with many popular popup plugins, you can create the most unique and ideal onboarding solution for your subscribers.

Maister also integrates with SMTP providers to help increase your deliverability. While some connections can be difficult to configure, many are simple and straightforward. But if you prefer not to use an SMTP service (we recommend that you use one), you can use the PHP Mail option instead. It is quite simply the best email newsletter plugins for WordPress that will save you money


  • Mailster has a one time payment of $59

Visit the Mailster website

MailPoet (Free, 15/m or €149/year)

MailPoet is another plugin that has a lot to offer and can help you save money over commercial services. While not as cheap or as powerful as some in this list, the optional inclusion of their own sending service may be appealing to some people.

As a past user of MailPoet I can attest to its completeness and reliability. It has an easy to use drag and drop newsletter builder and offers a free tier up to 2000 subscribers. This should be sufficient for most websites just starting out.

One of the limitations of the free option is the lack of a WooCommerce inclusion. Plenty of new stores may struggle to justify paying a fee when beginning, but the base cost of the paid service is an affordable 15/m.

MailPoet is also unique among many in this list. It comes in three different plans giving you different options to plan your marketing and budgeting goals.

  • The base plan is the free version from It is limited to 2000 subscribers and doesn’t integrate with WooCommerce
  • Starting at 15/m you can begin sending newsletters using their service (no SMTP required) and this includes WooCommerce products. While this is a cost we’re generally trying to avoid, it is comparable to most SMTP providers
  • From €149/year for a single site licence without using their sending service. This option allows you to send using your own SMTP service or PHP mail and has no subscriber limits. If you have a list with 1.5 million subscribers it will only cost you €149/year for the plugin


  • Free
  • From €15/month
  • From €149/year

Visit the MailPoet website

With these plugins you will be able to not only save time with your marketing, but also save money

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Written by: John Cook

Written by: John Cook


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