Best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest under $60

Finding the best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest under $60 shouldn’t be a difficult task. But with the vast number of themes available, finding that one perfect theme can seem confusing.

If you are preparing to enter the world of e-commerce, starting with a great WooCommerce WordPress theme is the way to go. That’s because, today, WooCommerce is insanely popular and makes around 1/3rd of all e-commerce websites. However, not all of their themes are made equal. That is why we have decided to dig in deep and present you with our top picks.

Best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest under $60

1. Flatsome

best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest

Flatsome is by far the most popular theme at the moment on ThemeForest, and that’s not a mere coincidence.

Right of the bat, you will notice that design is very clear and there’s a big emphasis on the center part, where all of the products are usually placed. The menus and submenus are also constructed logically, which ultimately translates into a very relaxed shopping experience.

This theme also has full support for mobile phones and the ability to share products via social media. Both of these features are very important since they will attract more customers.  

Aside from being great for the customers, this theme is also super intuitive, letting you quickly design your perfect website. Lastly, Flatsome is among the fastest WooCommerece themes, which will certainly be appreciated by its users.

Flatsome retails for $59

2. Porto

best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest

Next, we have a theme that combines deep customization options with lightning-quick performance. Thanks to this, Porto is perfect for various types of websites, ranging from simple blogs to professional e-commerce websites.

With it, you will get over 30 layouts designed for various niches, so you will be able to start your website quickly. Porto also comes packed with many exclusive WooCommerce features designed to maximize customer conversion. 

This theme’s layouts are simple, yet, at the same time, also professional and effective. It’s very easy to navigate through it, so the customers won’t get overwhelmed. Porto also works perfectly on all platforms, which is a huge plus.

You will be pleased to know that this theme is also very easy to manipulate, even by complete beginners. Porto also comes with all the plugins you may need, so there won’t be any unwanted surprises.

Porto retails for $59

3. Shopkeeper

best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest

Like most of the great themes, Shopkeeper also features a minimalist design coupled with a responsive layout that works great on phones as well.

It’s perfect as a WooCommerce theme since it offers many catchy ways in which you can display your products. There’s also a lightbox effect that gives your customers an extensive preview of your merchandise. 

Shopkeeper makes navigation easy, as you can quickly and logically organize your products. There’s also a cool Mini Cart feature that will let customers view their products without switching to another page. Creating a multi-language shop is also easy, thanks to the WPML plugin.

Shopkeeper’s minimalist design is also good news for you since it lets you build your website quickly and easily, even if you are a beginner. 

Shopkeeper retails for $59

4. WoodMart

best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest

Here, we have another in line of minimalist themes. WoodMart comes with 60 demo layouts, which cover a wide variety of niches and make your job much easier.

It also saves your customers time, thanks to an optimized AJAX search, which will let them find their desired product in seconds. There’s also a hidden sidebar that will filter the products by various features.

WoodMart is very well optimized and looks great across all devices and various resolutions. The theme is loaded fairly quickly and looks clean.

It also optimized for Gutenberg, which will make the creation of your website a breeze. For headers, there’s an intuitive drag & drop layout builder that makes the whole process fun. WoodMart offers a nearly unlimited amount of layouts, so you will definitely find something that works for you.

WoodMart retails for $59

5. Avada

best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest

No list of the best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest would be complete without the mighty and one of a kind Avada. As the undisputed king of themes on Theme Forest, it’s a must-have inclusion.

No premium theme anywhere has been purchased as much as Avada. With an incredible $39 million in sales from 583,000 sales since 2012, this is clearly the most popular theme for WordPress currently available.

Avada was the first real multi-purpose theme to become widely available and used. The ability to create any sort of website using a page builder with dozens of modules made it stand apart from the competition.

As mentioned, the real power of Avada is in the page builder. With the page builder, a novice can create a visually appealing and fully functioning website in a matter of hours. But it also includes some amazing WooCommerce features.

The developers behind Avada recognised the their theme needed to be compatible with WooCommerce to be one of the best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest. In doing so they included a lot of features.

The image gallery is visually stunning and user friendly. The thumbnail images display in a beautiful carousel beneath the gallery, with image transitions sliding effortlessly from one image to another, either by mouse click or finger swipe. It also includes a magnificent looking image enlarger which scrolls between images while they’re displaying in a modal overlay.

The buttons can also be customised to include different cart icons, background colour gradients and button shapes.

Avada retails for $60

6. XStore 

best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest

When it comes to a customisable store with seemingly unlimited options, XStore is a theme that’s certain to please. Designed for ease of use, this theme will suit everyone from those new to WordPress through to more advanced users.

XStore includes perhaps one of the most intuitive and easy to use demo importers currently available. With the included 90+ demos available to import, this makes deploying a new, professional looking and unique website easier and faster than ever.

It doesn’t end there. XStore also includes a simple to use drag and drop product page builder, This places you in total control of how you want your product page to appear on both desktop and mobile devices. This is bundled with an incredible $350+ worth of premium plugins at no additional cost.

XStore looks and functions extremely well on all devices and with features search engines will love.

XStore retails at $59

7. BoxShop 

best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest

When it comes to newer and easier to use best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest under $60 it’s hard not to include BoxShop. It’s clean designs, multiple page layouts and inclusion of popular premium plugins such as WP Bakery Builder and Slider Revolution make this a fully customisable and modern theme for your shop.

Designed to look perfect on all devices and be easy to use, BoxShop is an ideal theme for those who want something professional without the cost or hassle.

BoxShop for WordPress comes with 6 months included support and boasts an incredible 5-star rating from over 1,600 sales.

BoxShop sells for $59

8. Cerato

best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest

Designed to work with the world’s most popular, and also free page builder, Elementor, Cerato offers many features that you will simply love.

Designed specifically for ease of use and with WoCommerce in mind, Cerato simplifies website design along with product page design. Utilising the power and flexibility of Elementor, you can create stunningly unique product pages and a homepage that you’ll be proud of.

The mobile optimised theme is complimented with an easy demo importer and almost unlimited header designs, including a built-in mega menu.

Jam-packed with additional features such as instant Ajax search, canvas cart, quick view and product swatches, Cerato represents value for money at only $30

9. Rango

best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest

When speed matters, Rango promises to deliver.

Taking a clean, modern, minimalistic approach, Rango produces a theme that suite modern stores. Less clutter, fewer elements and a clean design results in a smooth and pleasant shopping experience.

Built with Bootstrap and powered by WPBakery Page Builder, Rango packs a lot of punch without compromising on performance. With features such as AJAX powered instant search and 360-degree product viewer, it’s ideal for practically any store.

Rango is priced at only $59

10. The Retailer

best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest

Lastly, we have a WooCommerce theme perfect for millennial customers. The Retailer is packed with cool layouts that will capture the attention of many customers. But, most importantly, this theme doesn’t fall into the trap of valuing looks over functionality. 

The design is still very straightforward, with the right amount of focus put on the centre block. There’s also a user-friendly sidebar that lets customers easily browse through your products by various attributes.

As you can expect, this theme works equally well on computers and mobile phones, so we can tick off responsiveness. The Retailer also utilizes the newest Gutenberg editor, which makes setting up your e-commerce website even easier than before.

If that’s not your thing, this theme is also compatible with other page builders, such as Elementor and Visual Composer. Although this is the last WooCommerce theme on our list, The Retailer still provides the highest level of design, elegance, and simplicity.

The Retailer retails for $59

That’s a wrap for our list of the best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest for under $60. Make sure you have a look and select a theme that you like and feel most comfortable using.

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best WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest

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