The 12 Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

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When it comes to finding the best shipping plugins for WooCommerce there are a lot of plugins to consider, and we help you find the best fit for your business.

WooCommerce is a crowd favourite when it comes to powering eCommerce websites. While shoppers are busy figuring what to buy, sellers must find ways to ensure convenient and affordable shipping methods with as little frustration as possible. Fortunately. WooCommerce has paved the way for many add-ons, and some of the best help even the smallest online stores compete with larger eCommerce websites and markets.

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

Table Rate is a shipping plugin that will make both sellers and buyers happy. With Table Rate, customers can choose the shipping method based on speed, cost, or even their preferred courier.

Sellers also have the ability to create pricing models beyond flat-rate shipping. Shipping costs can be based on orders, products, or shipping classes. Sellers can even disable shipping taxes. Sellers are also able to set rules such as order minimums that will qualify for free shipping with Table Rate, and the plugin simplifies the checkout process by removing unneeded or redundant options when free shipping is selected.

All of this is available for only $25 per site, which includes six months of support.

WooCommerce Shipping

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

Sellers that want to save time at the Post Office can use WooCommerce Shipping, which integrates directly into the WooCommerce dashboard and is powered by Jetpack. Aside from saving time, sellers will save money — up to 90% — by printing labels themselves. Plus, this plugin is free.

One of the main cons of this plugin is that it only works with the U.S. Postal Service and not other couriers, so it may not be the best choice for sellers with international customers.

WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

Sellers can define shipping costs based on weight rather than using flat-rate shipping thanks to this plugin. One of the most useful features of this plugin is the ability to set progressive shipping cost increases based on weight units, all for free.

The premium version includes options for shipping classes, location-based shipping costs (zones), and condition-based free shipping. The latter can be activated when shipping to a specific location, when the cart meets a minimum threshold, or when weight requirements are met.

WooCommerce Address Book

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

This useful plugin allows your customers to save multiple addresses to their accounts. This improves the shopping experience for customers who buy for home or work or frequently shop for others. The plugin is free but does not facilitate breaking up orders and shipping parcels to multiple addresses.

Woocommerce Delivery Time Picker for Shipping

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

Retailers like Amazon given customers the option to choose the date and time of their delivery and this plugin enables smaller sellers to provide the same convenience to their customers. Store owners also have the option to restrict specific shipping dates and times.

The regular license costs $49 for one year.

A similar plugin, WooCommerce Delivery Time Slots, enables customers to pick delivery time slots rather than a specific time for delivery.

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

This plugin has been lauded as one of the easiest to use. It integrates with WooCommerce and customer emails beautifully and supports a variety of shipping carriers. Customers will be able to see tracking information in their emails as well as their customer dashboards. WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro can update an order’s shipping status in real-time for supported shipping companies as well.

Sellers have the ability to include a custom tracking message and can save time and effort by attaching information to large order batches via CSV file.

There is no longer a basic version of the plugin available for free. However, sellers can purchase a license for a single site for just $59. Unlike some shipping plugins, this one can be used for multiple sites. A 5-site license costs $89 while a 25-site license is available for an affordable $189.

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

If the shipping plugin you choose fro WooCommerce doesn’t allow you to specify rules for free shipping, you can always try this one. It’s quite easy to define the conditions under which shipping will be free, including weight, total, zip code, quantity, and even use role. Sellers can also choose to hide other shipping methods when free shipping has been activated.

This plugin is free.

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

Sellers with international customers can use this plugin to filter carriers based on the shopper’s location. Plugin rules can be specified based on zip code, country, or state. Similarly, there is an option to limit shipping options by weight, item count, cart total, or even coupon usage.

In addition to these features, WooCommerce Conditional Shipping and Payments enables sellers to specify free shipping options. Sellers also have the option to specify shipping perks to specific customers, such as those who are members.

$79 gets you an annual subscription.

Address Validation & Google Address Autocomplete Plugin for WooCommerce

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

This is another plugin that can improve customer experience when checking out from the store and ensure that all packages arrive as expected. The autocomplete function saves the shopper’s time while address validation ensures that the address entered is correct based on EasyPost and Google APIs.

Sellers can upgrade for $69 for a single site to gain access to validation by UPS, USPS, EasyPost, or Australia Post and specify which validation type is appropriate for each country.

WooCommerce Dropshipping by OPMC

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

For those sellers who prefer drop-shipping directly from the manufacturer, WooCommerce Dropshipping by OPMC is the solution. This plugin facilitates inventory importation, assignment of products to different suppliers, and supplier notification while providing those suppliers with shipping information and packing labels.

Version 2.1 is compatible with AliExpress, and products can be imported with just a few clicks. Why is this in our list of the best shipping plugins for WooCommerce? Due to the high number of websites deciding to sell through dropshipping, those stores need a way to facilitate all selling options for their website.

An annual subscription costs $49.00.

WooCommerce Shipping Tool from Veeqo

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

High-capacity sellers should check out this plugin from Veeqo, which allows you to print up to 100 labels at a time. A single dashboard provides shipping costs, rates, and quotes for sellers from nine couriers around the world. Sellers can also use Amazon FBA for order fulfilment.

Table Rate Shipping by Class, Weight, Price, Quantity & Volume for WooCommerce

Best Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce

Table Rate Shipping by Class, Weight, Price, Quantity & Volume for WooCommerce offers a massive range of possibilities for store owners to offer different shipping rates. For stores who have to ship by volumetric, this is one of the few plugins that can adequately offer that functionality.

Although the plugin hasn’t been updated in a little over two years, it’s still actively supported and enjoys a high review rating.

Table Rate Shipping by Class, Weight, Price, Quantity & Volume for WooCommerce has a one time licence fee of $15 with support for 6 months.


While the number of shipping plugins far exceeds those in this list, we believe that we have selected the best shipping plugins for WooCommerce that you can use to supercharge your selling experience. From over 600 sales it enjoys a near perfect 5 star review rating.

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Written by: Nicole M

Written by: Nicole M


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