Best WooCommerce Gift Card PlugIns

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When looking for the best WooCommerce gift card plugins there is no shortage of quality choices.

Gift cards are a great way to boost sales on your site. They allow your customers to spread the word of your business to their friends, while also supporting you directly. Gift cards and promotional options give your audience and their friends the opportunity to spend on whatever they want in your store! There may be a lot of plugins out there to choose from, but give these plugins a try to find the best gift cards for you!

Best WooCommerce Gift Card PlugIns

1. YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

Best WooCommerce Gift Card PlugIns

Yith is a premium plugin that allows users to control their preferences. They have the option to set their own amounts. This plugin is customizable, so customers can set their own images and special text for a more personalized gift. They can also send whenever they want through email by setting a specific date. It can even translate gifts into different languages. You have the option to set an expiration for these too, giving you more control over your products. YITH is definitely a good option if you think your products can be given as gifts.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

2. Gift Up! Digital Gift Cards

Best WooCommerce Gift Card PlugIns

Gift Up! allows a more creative and customizable experience. Users can fully design their own gift card. This plugin has no monthly fees and is very easy to use, suggesting it could be one of the best free options. Gift Up! can also be posted to Facebook and WordPress, making it even more accessible to your customer base. Customers can choose to send the gift card immediately through email or set it up to send on a specific date and time. On top of all that, it even supports multiple currencies.

Gift Up! Digital GIft Cards

3. PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

Best WooCommerce Gift Card PlugIns

PW is a free plug in that lets customers set their own amount, recipient, and personalized message. Similar to the Amazon gift card set up, it’s convenient and simple to use. It offers several one quick features, which also makes it a very quick process to purchase a gift card, if need be.

PW also offers premium benefits for a fee. This allows you to set a minimum and maximum balance for gift cards. It also gives you the option to specify amounts and quantity of cards to be purchased in one transaction. Basically, the premium option gives you quite a bit more control.

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards

4. WooCommerce Smart Coupons

Best WooCommerce Gift Card PlugIns

One thing that may help the quality of your site is choosing a plugin supported directly by WooCommerce. Smart Coupons is a good option because it has options for gift cards, store credit, and promotions. This one is also easy to set limits to how much or how little customers can buy.

Smart Coupons

5. WooCommerce Gift Card Pro

Best WooCommerce Gift Card PlugIns

Gift Card Pro makes it super quick and easy to create gift cards with a drag and drop tool. This one has preset features like 4 email notifications to send, automatic gift card code generating, 3 different pricing schemes, and more. It also has more customizable features like the ability to upload background images and curate your own messages.

Gift Card Pro

Try these best WooCommerce gift card plugins out and see which plugin works best for your brand!

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Written by: Allie Beardsley

Written by: Allie Beardsley


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